Architecture firm in Bangalore: Juiceshop Collective

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A+M Residence

A house situated on the edge of a eucalyptus plantation is offering a unique setting within the city. The brief included reserving a 3rd of the site for greenery and catering for family’s liking to outdoor living.

The two courtyards protruding into the form of the building allow for blurring the boundaries between the inside and the outside. Open plan ground floor living space provides glimpses of the garden from each location: study, living room, dining and kitchen.

Aiming to provide comfort within an open, non air conditioned space a special attention was given to the strategic placement of the openings allowing for constant natural ventilation. The large sliding openings and wooden screens allow the inhabitants of the space to have controlover how open the house gets. All the openings offer a view of the eucalyptus plantation or the private courtyard gardens - rather than neighbouring properties.

The level shifts and the orientation of the courtyards give form to the spaces - offering a series of room specific conditions, each providing different spatial qualities. The playful form, hidden pockets, secluded niches, inbuilt slide, all cater to both the children and the parents who like to be surrounded by the out of the ordinary.

All the construction materials remain exposed - concrete and the rammed earth are from are carefully detailed in order to provide the final finish of the building.